Entrevista con… Sweet Angel

Esta es la primera entrada de esta nueva sección de entrevistas a cosplayers. Sweet Angel, una guapa cosplayer italiana que ya ha aparecido en diversas ocasiones en MásCosplay (busquen por su tag SweetAngel), ha accedido a respondernos una serie de preguntas que en el futuro intentaremos realizar a otros cosplayers.

kosmos cosplay

Como sabeis, el cosplay es internacional, así que ante la incapacidad de comunicarse en español, la entrevista se ha realizado en inglés. (cualquier cosa google translate 😉 )


1 – How do you define yourself?

I’m a creative girl that always checks to improve herself in cosplay as in all day life.

 2 – What was it that inspired you to make cosplay?

I don’t know exactly why I started to do cosplay, but I can say I was very surprised when in my city I watched a cosplay competition and immediately after I decided to try to be a character from videogame or anime.

 3 – First cosplay? Why?

Tifa Lockhart in November 2008! I wanted to do other character like Lenne or Yuna (always from Final Fantasy) but I have no skill in sewing and so I decided to make a costume buying clothes from shops and put them together with some editing and Tifa was perfect for that!

Now, when I see that costume I realize that it was terrible: no wig, no lenses, nearly no make-up, wrong shoes, terrible costume, terrible gloves..

Probably I’ll remake it in future!

 4 – Your favorite cosplay? Why?

It’s hard to chose only one.. Three are too much? 😛

Rena (Elsword) my last costume and also the most difficult to realize and the one who takes me more money and time :S

rena elsword

Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) my favorite anime character ever! I made 4  version of her + 2 original version (inspired by fan art or totally in my mind). 

Yoko - TTGL

Yuna (Final Fantasy): maow! roar! <– here you can find the motivation ahah

yuna berserker - FFX2

 5 – Which cosplay would you do?

Now I’m not working on costumes because I’m studying hard.. Btw soon the exams will end and I can start to make a new costumes.. This year I’ll do something simple because it’s the year of my 2nd graduation at University, and my future is more important than cosplay!

 6 – About you…

 Hobbies (cosplay is a wrong answer 😉 ) 

I study so many hours a day and in the free time I make cosplay (2-3 costumes for year). So I have no much time (and money.. danm!) for other hobbies..

Some little interest are about fitness: I do some exercise at home and I write a sort of tutorials on my blog!

Oh.. And shopping of course <3

When I had more free time (when I was at school) I did some sport: climbing, skiing, gym, etc

            What is your job? Do you study?

I study biotechnology at Università degli studi di Padova, and this is my last year ^^

I hope to find a job soon.

 7 – Free space (Tell us what you want)

Hi guys!

If you want to follow me please check these links:



 8 – Greetings and dedications (your friends, family… )

I would say thanks to all the people that always support me in my passion.

In particular my boyfriend that helps me with the creation of weapons of my cosplay and he also stay with me in the bad and joyful moments of life <3


Alleyne (Queen’s Blade)

Alleyne - Queen's blade


Kirin (Monster Hunter)


kirin - monster hunter


Kaguya Nanbu (Super Robot Wars)Kaguya Nanbu

 Muchas gracias Sweet Angel por brindarnos de tus maravillosos cosplays y esperemos volver a verte por aquí.

No se olviden de visitar su página web y su página de facebook!


Administrador e impulsor del proyecto MásCosplay. Aficcionado al mundo anime, manga y de videojuegos JRPG.

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