Festival Comic Con 2013 (parte 4)

Y terminamos con el festiva Comic Con 2013 con más imágenes y unos cuantos GIFs de regalo.


cosplaying_lady_1 cosplay_jurassicpark_velociraptor_01 cosplay_nightmare_before_christmas_sally_01 cosplay_phoenix_wright_03 cosplay_portal_02 cosplay_shrek_puss_in_boots_01 cosplay_startrek_16 cosplay_startrek_andorian_03 cosplay_sub_mariner_vs_aquaman cosplay_teen_titans_raven_02 cosplay_tetris_costume_02 cosplay_they_live_hooters_uniform_02 cosplay_toxic_avenger_toxie_01 cosplay_venture_brothers_monarch_henchmen_02 cosplay_walking_dead_sdcc2013 cosplay_wolverine_03 cosplay_xmen_dark_phoenix_03 cosplay_xmen_magneto_01 dsc_6418 dsc_6420 dsc_6423 dsc_6424 dsc_6431 dsc_6432 e_141A2674 e_141A2678 e_141A2850 e_141A3178 sdcc3 sdcc5 sdcc9 sdcc13 sdcc14 sdcc16 sdcc17 sdcc18 sdcc19 sdcc20 snow_white_steam tumblr_m7hvs44LcR1qee7ixo2_250


Administrador e impulsor del proyecto MásCosplay. Aficcionado al mundo anime, manga y de videojuegos JRPG.

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