Festival Comic Con 2013 (parte 2)

Más fotos del festival Comic Con 2013. ¿Ya has identificado todos los cosplays?


Borderlands_Cosplayers_Sdcc_2013 Catwoman_1_Sdcc_2013 Catwoman_Sdcc_2013 Chewbacca_and_Jedi_Knight Connor_Assassins_Creed dsc_6544 dsc_6546 dsc_6547 dsc_6549 dsc_6550 dsc_6551 dsc_6552 dsc_6553 dsc_6554 dsc_6555 dsc_6556 dsc_6557 dsc_6558 dsc_6559 dsc_6560 dsc_6561 dsc_6562 dsc_6567 dsc_6568 Fire_Emblem_Cosplay_Sdcc_2013 Gambit_and_Wolverine Gotham_Characters_Cosplay_Sdcc_2013 Karl_Ruprecht_Kroenen_Hellboy_Sdcc_2013 Loki_vs_Thor Mass_Effect_Cosplayers_Sdcc_2013 Ragnarok_Online_Cosplay_Sdcc_2013 Raiden_Metal_Gear_Solid_Sdcc_2013 Red_Sonja_Sdcc_2013 Rogue_and_Phoenix sdcc_1_2013_day_3 sdcc_2_2013_day_3 sdcc_2013_day_3 Selina_Kyle_SDCC_2013 Street_Fighter_Sdcc_2013 Tetsuo_From_Akira The_Joker_Dark_Knight


Administrador e impulsor del proyecto MásCosplay. Aficcionado al mundo anime, manga y de videojuegos JRPG.

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