Chizuru Nambara – Super Robot Combattler V (21 fotos)

Si no jugaste a  Super Robot Combattler V, no pasa nada, no es excusa para disfrutar del cosplay de uno de sus personajes, Chizuru Nambara.


Chizuru_Nanbara_24 Chizuru_Nanbara_25 Chizuru_Nanbara_26 Chizuru_Nanbara_27 Chizuru_Nanbara_28 Chizuru_Nanbara_29 Chizuru_Nanbara_30 Chizuru_Nanbara_31 Chizuru_Nanbara_32 Chizuru_Nanbara_33 Chizuru_Nanbara_34 Chizuru_Nanbara_35 Chizuru_Nanbara_36 Chizuru_Nanbara_37 Chizuru_Nanbara_38 Chizuru_Nanbara_39 Chizuru_Nanbara_40 Chizuru_Nanbara_41 Chizuru_Nanbara_42 Chizuru_Nanbara_43 Chizuru_Nanbara_44


Administrador e impulsor del proyecto MásCosplay. Aficcionado al mundo anime, manga y de videojuegos JRPG.

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