Festival Comic Con 2013 (parte 3)

Más de la colección de cosplays en el festival Comic Con 2013. Gran trabajo de los fans de los comics, videojuegos y anime.


Beatrix_Kiddo_Kill_Bill Beetlejuice Black_Cat Captain_Hook_Emma_Swan_Supergirl cosplay_adventuretime_marshall_lee_prince_gumball_and_fionna_01 cosplay_aquaman_02 cosplay_art_instructions_schools_turtle cosplay_batman_catwoman_03 cosplay_bioshock_infinite_elizabeth_05 cosplay_bioshock_infinite_elizabeth_06 cosplay_cabin_in_the_woods_ballerina_01 cosplay_disney_cruella_de_vil_01 cosplay_disney_princesses_sdcc2013 cosplay_gameofthrones_Daenerys_Targaryen_05 cosplay_gijoe_baroness_01 cosplay_hobbit_bilbo_baggins_01 Cosplaying_Couple Cosplaying_Lady cosplay_judge_dredd_04 DSCN2964 DSCN2982 DSCN2988 DSCN2990 Female_Booker Freakzoid Harley_Quinn Hellboy General Atmosphere - Day 1 -  Comic-Con International 2013 San Diego Prepares For Comic-Con International 2013 IMG_4412 Join_the_Galactic_Empire Lara_Croft Mad_Hatters Oldschool_Robin_and_Batman Oldschool_X_Men Steampunk_Superheroes Tetris_Hair WIRED Cafe At Comic-Con - Day 1 General Atmosphere - Day 1 -  Comic-Con International 2013 General Atmosphere - Day 1 -  Comic-Con International 2013



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